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His former career having taken him all over the world, Dave's photography is mainly travel related. Nowadays he chooses to travel less than before, but enjoys photographing his local area –Oxfordshire and the City of Oxford.

From 2002 to early 2008, Dave Pattison led the Quality Control team at Alamy - a major UK-based stock photo library.

Dave runs digital imaging training courses and holds occasional ad hoc workshops for individual professional photographers. He has also coached staff in digital imaging at Alamy and another major UK stock library.

Dave received his photographic training when he worked for BBC television back in the 1960s. After a career in a completely different field, he returned to professional photography in 1992 - at the dawn of the digital era - when he was fortunate to be tutored by his good friendJohn Henshall, the leading authority on digital imaging in the UK.

Dave is based in Oxfordshire, England, where he has a small digital imaging studio.

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